Anonymous asked: I think you shouldn't change it to multifandom because there are lots of multifandom blogs but not enough batb the cw. Thank you :)

Thanks for the answer, it is really very important for me :)
I completely agree with your opinion, but I want to said that if I change it to multifandom, it doesn’t mean that there will be less Beauty and the Beast posts. 

Once again thanks for answering :)

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I want to change this page to multifandom.
During this week I will use not only Beauty and the Beast cw show, but also other shows. And if this idea goes well, I will change it to forever.
If you already like or don’t like this idea you can comment it and leave your answer under this post.

You can reblogged this or like if you like this idea and you agree with that :)

Thanks for reading. Your opinion is important for me :)

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Anonymous asked: Jay Ryan, Somerhalder, Wesley, Stephen Amell

I don’t want to kill any of them, so

fuck - Jay, kiss - Wesley, Amell, marry - Somerhalder

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misswaylandfray asked: Damon, Klaus, Matt and Stefan

fuck:  Damon

kiss: Matt 

marry: Stefan

kill: Klaus

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